The Players Pack, Pack

This product is NOT sold out. Please email for details on how to get these for your event.

It's the perfect Players Pack, pack. Whether you've got 20 players or 200, the Draw bag gives you the ultimate way to offer an affordable and customized product for your tournament while simultaneously giving you and your registered players somewhere to keep all their goodies. 

NOW. What makes this the ultimate players pack is how easy it is to get your tournament name or logo screen printed on the bag. Because it lays flat, the space above the front disc pocket is the perfect spot for any screen printer. Even better, if you don't already have a place to get your printing done, we'll find a good place nearby you and ship them the bags directly. All you need to do is go in, give them your logo and pick them up when they're done!

So how much for this sweet pack of packs? We'll sell you the Draw bags at our wholesale cost. You can purchase the bags in quantities of 5 or 10 at a time, then simply increase the quantity of each to get to the number you need. (5x1 + 10x10 = 105 bags). Then just pick the color.


About the Draw:

The Draw is our backpack answer to the entry level shoulder bag. At $18, this backpack is perfect for the beginner, for the traveler, for the casual thrower, the penny pincher.. and everyone in between. We customized the typical drawstring design by separating the string opening from the shoulder straps. Allowing the player to leave the mouth of the bag open transforms this from a standard gym bag to a functional disc golf bag. 

Visit The Draw bag page for more details. 


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