Refresh Bag Upgrade Program

Introducing Refresh for all Upper Park customers.

The first official bag upgrade program.

Receive a 30% discount every time we release an upgrade. 

Enrollment is automatic:

  1. Buy a bag.
  2. You're enrolled!
  3. Wait for bag upgrades to be announced.
  4. Automatically receive an email with your unique upgrade code.
  5. Refresh.

All customers who have purchased a bag are enrolled in Refresh. You can only upgrade to a bag of equal or lesser value from your original purchase.

Example Refreshes:

You own the Focus. Refresh to the latest Focus model.
You own Shift v1 or v2. Refresh to Shift v3 or the Focus.
You own the Rebel v1. Refresh to the Rebel v2, the Shift, or the Focus.
The choice is yours!

About Refresh:

As a bag company, our goal is to continue improving our products over time. We pride ourselves in being our biggest critics, but we also take customer feedback very seriously. As many of you know, a ton of your feedback for version one of the Focus and Shift was implemented into the version two releases - the same goes for the upcoming Rebel changes. And while innovation and change is necessary to stay a leader in our industry, it can be hard for you to keep your bag updated without breaking the bank year over year. We created Refresh because we want you to experience the additions, updates, and tweaks (no matter how small) as often as possible. Because we believe every change we make results in a better product for you.

Read Program Details and FAQs Here