Ben, The Traveling Disc Golfer: La Mirada Park

April 01, 2014

La Mirada's Regional Park course invites long throws and natural play that pairs with the landscape.

Coming from the rigid course background of NC parks, this small suburban town's double course certainly opened my eyes more to the California vibe. On this review we opted to take on the park's back 18 that laid out rolling hills, nicely placed trees and brush, and heavy distances between tee and pin. I found this open layout to be reflective of the easy going attitude of California (from what I've observed) and very approachable as the state has been to me so far. 

Besides the relocated first and second pins (which can now be found near the park's baseball fields), this tidy course's signage was quite easy to follow and map. The terrain of the back 18 is grassy and predominantly shaded with tall pine trees, but expect far throws the whole way through.

La Mirada's theme very much carried on the California torch we picked up at Morley, and it goes without saying that this is a fantastic course. It is true that I can only attest to the back 18 here, but I'm sure the front course is just as scenic and peaceful. Players are sure to be welcomed here by an easy flowing set of baskets, and a calming but challenging match with pins pushed far and wide. I sincerely hope that visitors or new comers to the area check out this piece of paradise, and wish only the best throws for those that land in this section of the state.


It's been quite a journey for these two traveling disc golfers. They have seen more of the country in a few weeks than most people see in years! It has resulted in a lot of gas money, old friend reunions, a few great disc golfing stories, and a whole lot of new experiences. We will be following up with them as they settle into their new lives somewhere in California. Not quite sure where just yet, but after what they have just been through, settling down somewhere new doesn't seem all that scary. 

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