Ben, The Traveling Disc Golfer: Morley Field

April 05, 2014

Welcome to California fellas! The journey is almost over but Ben and Adam couldn't help but stop again to experience the local disc golf scene and great Southern California weather. Here are their thoughts on the Morley Field disc golf course.

What a world of a difference three thousand miles makes. After running away from the East coast, rummaging around Texas over six days, and plowing through New Mexico and Arizona, we truly arrived in California with two rounds of 19 at Morley Field Disc Golf Course.

I found the course to be outstanding not only from a layout perspective, but also for the shear fact that it exemplified just how big the disc golf culture is in CA in comparison to NC's scene. Never in my life have I seen so many players at one course, or experienced such an apparent shared love for the sport. Gnarly.

San Diego's 19 basket course is nicely mixed with both brushed coverage and open stretches to keep play interesting, and signage was not hard to navigate and follow. I could try hard to point out negatives for this course, but really the only cons are that you have to wait a bit to play each pin since the course tends to be quite popular, there is a $3 dollar fee to play on weekends, and intimidation is a side effect with Morley since everyone around you appears to be a pro player. Well, except for the kids slinging PBR and throwing rental discs.

In short the course was relatively quick for it's size, moderately difficult for the challenges it presented, and quite enjoyable with the Southern California sunshine pushing you on. Many good vibes can be found at Morley if you're patient, and maybe just maybe you'll pick up an ace here in Balboa Park.


Not quite ready to give up, they still have a little traveling left until they settle down into their new lives. Check back in a few days for their final course review and a conclusion to their country long journey!

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