Ben, The Traveling Disc Golfer: Zilker Park

March 28, 2014


Have you been on the lookout? Ben and Adam are still on the trek West recently passing through Austin, Texas and stopping just long enough to play the disc golf course at Zilker Park. Despite a few exciting, but limiting, renovation setbacks, it sounds like they enjoyed the short break and fresh air outside the car. Here is their course review:

No one is lying when the word "weird" is paired with Texas' city, Austin.

Casted off from a large college campus, a tribe of tall office buildings, and a vast assortment of watering holes and unique eats, Zilker Park's disc golf course resembles the iconic image and attitude of Texas. I completely realize the full weight of the fore mentioned statement, but in such flat land country it's hard to miss what lies directly in front of you.

Zilker is one of the largest parks I've ever visited and while it's abundant with green fields, various garden niches, and walking paths, it's DG course is hidden off away to stake it's importance. Currently the 18 basket course is being renovated so only the back 9 was available to play on. That being said, I apologize if you only find this review to be half helpful.

I found the 9 baskets available for play to be quite dry and honest. Characterized by flat land approaches, slate rock tee boxes, spotted tree lines, and long, dry-aired throws, this course spoke loudly. While navigation through the course is lacking without any signage apparent, one can for the most part pick out what pin comes next. Please know that the first tee box is next to the large course board, and that signage is going to be updated with the course's renovations.

The Zilker course's overall disposition resembled the desert terrain that fills most of Texas and reminds players of the upfront personality of the Texan public. Sure the wind I encountered on the course wasn't the best for my game, but the lines for each throw were easy enough to pick out and execute with minor brush and trees blocking my trail. A clear line of sight and the simple elements of the course are highlighted throughout the back nine, and players can look forward to the dry ground and long throws that await them at Zilker.



With a few states left before reaching Northern California, the trip is still not over! Any suggestions where else they should stop along the way? Although I'm sure their GPS is dialed to their destination, it doesn't hurt to let them know the awesome places (and people) they are passing by.

As always, thanks for the update and drive safe guys.



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