Ben, The Traveling Disc Golfer: Ashe County Park

March 24, 2014 1 Comment

Ben and Adam are just starting to settle into the groove of the journey. Before leaving their home state they stopped at a course in Jefferson, NC, to stretch their limbs and squeeze in a quick round with the Shift. Ben sent us this update along with a few pictures.

Nestled away in Jefferson, North Carolina, Ashe County Parks and Recreation's disc golf course reflects and accentuates the very features of the mountainous area to provide both amateurs and pro golfers alike with a challenging and peaceful round.
The 18-basket course is stowed amongst a multifaceted collection of athletic courts, sub-parks, centers, shelters, and playgrounds, but is easily navigated through if you manage to locate the first pin (drive all the way to the end of the paved road in the park and you'll see the golfer's board next to the first tee box). Beyond this minor challenge that every golfer faces with a new course, the course really cannot be graded with any thumbs down unless long-winded distances aren't in your bag. If that's the case, suck it up because this is disc golf not putt putt.

The course runs as described:
Open stretches of hills and cuffs (and a pinch of a pond) outline the front nine baskets with a foreshadowing 9th basket signifying the caliber of pin lengths and challenges to come with the back nine. I'd elaborate more on this bookend pin for the front nine, but its deep dip into a wide valley can't be described beyond the phrase "awe-inspiring".
Long, unforgiving wooded tunnels and uphill climbs sum up most of the back nine baskets in this course, and like the first nine, this set of nine finishes with another daring dip that reminds you why throwing plastic saucers in the woods is cool.

Ending thoughts:
The geographical features and humble disposition present in Ashe County truly weave throughout this course if you look at it right. The course comes off as cold and crisp in certain sections with cut and dry approaches to push the disc down, but it's more about looking at the bigger picture and enjoying where you are in this mountain town's course.

Feeling refreshed with stretched legs and high spirits, they are back on the road! We should be getting another update soon, so be sure to check back on their progress.

Drive safe guys!

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Chuck Huckaba
Chuck Huckaba

March 24, 2014

Love the pictures. You’ve gotta make it up to Michigan. Great courses throughout the state, and a burgeoning disc golf community!

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