Welcome to California fellas! The journey is almost over but Ben and Adam couldn't help but stop again to experience the local disc golf scene and great Southern California weather. Here are their thoughts on the Morley Field disc golf course.

What a world of a difference three thousand miles makes. After running away from the East coast, rummaging around Texas over six days, and plowing through New Mexico and Arizona, we truly arrived in California with two rounds of 19 at Morley Field Disc Golf Course.

I found the course to be outstanding not only from a layout perspective, but also for the shear fact that it exemplified just how big the disc golf culture is in CA in comparison to NC's scene. Never in my life have I seen so many players at one course, or experienced such an apparent shared love for the sport. Gnarly.

San Diego's 19 basket course is nicely mixed with both brushed coverage and open stretches to keep play interesting, and signage was not hard to navigate and follow. I could try hard to point out negatives for this course, but really the only cons are that you have to wait a bit to play each pin since the course tends to be quite popular, there is a $3 dollar fee to play on weekends, and intimidation is a side effect with Morley since everyone around you appears to be a pro player. Well, except for the kids slinging PBR and throwing rental discs.

In short the course was relatively quick for it's size, moderately difficult for the challenges it presented, and quite enjoyable with the Southern California sunshine pushing you on. Many good vibes can be found at Morley if you're patient, and maybe just maybe you'll pick up an ace here in Balboa Park.


Not quite ready to give up, they still have a little traveling left until they settle down into their new lives. Check back in a few days for their final course review and a conclusion to their country long journey!

La Mirada's Regional Park course invites long throws and natural play that pairs with the landscape.

Coming from the rigid course background of NC parks, this small suburban town's double course certainly opened my eyes more to the California vibe. On this review we opted to take on the park's back 18 that laid out rolling hills, nicely placed trees and brush, and heavy distances between tee and pin. I found this open layout to be reflective of the easy going attitude of California (from what I've observed) and very approachable as the state has been to me so far. 

Besides the relocated first and second pins (which can now be found near the park's baseball fields), this tidy course's signage was quite easy to follow and map. The terrain of the back 18 is grassy and predominantly shaded with tall pine trees, but expect far throws the whole way through.

La Mirada's theme very much carried on the California torch we picked up at Morley, and it goes without saying that this is a fantastic course. It is true that I can only attest to the back 18 here, but I'm sure the front course is just as scenic and peaceful. Players are sure to be welcomed here by an easy flowing set of baskets, and a calming but challenging match with pins pushed far and wide. I sincerely hope that visitors or new comers to the area check out this piece of paradise, and wish only the best throws for those that land in this section of the state.


It's been quite a journey for these two traveling disc golfers. They have seen more of the country in a few weeks than most people see in years! It has resulted in a lot of gas money, old friend reunions, a few great disc golfing stories, and a whole lot of new experiences. We will be following up with them as they settle into their new lives somewhere in California. Not quite sure where just yet, but after what they have just been through, settling down somewhere new doesn't seem all that scary. 


Have you been on the lookout? Ben and Adam are still on the trek West recently passing through Austin, Texas and stopping just long enough to play the disc golf course at Zilker Park. Despite a few exciting, but limiting, renovation setbacks, it sounds like they enjoyed the short break and fresh air outside the car. Here is their course review:

No one is lying when the word "weird" is paired with Texas' city, Austin.

Casted off from a large college campus, a tribe of tall office buildings, and a vast assortment of watering holes and unique eats, Zilker Park's disc golf course resembles the iconic image and attitude of Texas. I completely realize the full weight of the fore mentioned statement, but in such flat land country it's hard to miss what lies directly in front of you.

Zilker is one of the largest parks I've ever visited and while it's abundant with green fields, various garden niches, and walking paths, it's DG course is hidden off away to stake it's importance. Currently the 18 basket course is being renovated so only the back 9 was available to play on. That being said, I apologize if you only find this review to be half helpful.

I found the 9 baskets available for play to be quite dry and honest. Characterized by flat land approaches, slate rock tee boxes, spotted tree lines, and long, dry-aired throws, this course spoke loudly. While navigation through the course is lacking without any signage apparent, one can for the most part pick out what pin comes next. Please know that the first tee box is next to the large course board, and that signage is going to be updated with the course's renovations.

The Zilker course's overall disposition resembled the desert terrain that fills most of Texas and reminds players of the upfront personality of the Texan public. Sure the wind I encountered on the course wasn't the best for my game, but the lines for each throw were easy enough to pick out and execute with minor brush and trees blocking my trail. A clear line of sight and the simple elements of the course are highlighted throughout the back nine, and players can look forward to the dry ground and long throws that await them at Zilker.



With a few states left before reaching Northern California, the trip is still not over! Any suggestions where else they should stop along the way? Although I'm sure their GPS is dialed to their destination, it doesn't hurt to let them know the awesome places (and people) they are passing by.

As always, thanks for the update and drive safe guys.



Ben and Adam are just starting to settle into the groove of the journey. Before leaving their home state they stopped at a course in Jefferson, NC, to stretch their limbs and squeeze in a quick round with the Shift. Ben sent us this update along with a few pictures.

Nestled away in Jefferson, North Carolina, Ashe County Parks and Recreation's disc golf course reflects and accentuates the very features of the mountainous area to provide both amateurs and pro golfers alike with a challenging and peaceful round.
The 18-basket course is stowed amongst a multifaceted collection of athletic courts, sub-parks, centers, shelters, and playgrounds, but is easily navigated through if you manage to locate the first pin (drive all the way to the end of the paved road in the park and you'll see the golfer's board next to the first tee box). Beyond this minor challenge that every golfer faces with a new course, the course really cannot be graded with any thumbs down unless long-winded distances aren't in your bag. If that's the case, suck it up because this is disc golf not putt putt.

The course runs as described:
Open stretches of hills and cuffs (and a pinch of a pond) outline the front nine baskets with a foreshadowing 9th basket signifying the caliber of pin lengths and challenges to come with the back nine. I'd elaborate more on this bookend pin for the front nine, but its deep dip into a wide valley can't be described beyond the phrase "awe-inspiring".
Long, unforgiving wooded tunnels and uphill climbs sum up most of the back nine baskets in this course, and like the first nine, this set of nine finishes with another daring dip that reminds you why throwing plastic saucers in the woods is cool.

Ending thoughts:
The geographical features and humble disposition present in Ashe County truly weave throughout this course if you look at it right. The course comes off as cold and crisp in certain sections with cut and dry approaches to push the disc down, but it's more about looking at the bigger picture and enjoying where you are in this mountain town's course.

Feeling refreshed with stretched legs and high spirits, they are back on the road! We should be getting another update soon, so be sure to check back on their progress.

Drive safe guys!

We have a few things to cover so we will get right to it..
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